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Are you suffering from pain because of a disease, injury, or just from getting older? Podiatry care can get you in the right place again and feeling much better.

You can get specific podiatry care for a wide range of foot issues, for example, corns, bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, hammertoes and fungal infections from Ultra Foot Podiatry. The podiatrist on our health staff can perform medical procedures on your feet and suggest medications or aids such as orthotics. We utilise 3D scanning to properly measure and assess needs for our orthotic fitting procedure. This makes treatment quicker and more comfortable for patients.

Ultra-Foot Podiatry is proud to be an expert podiatrist for patients from Riverwood and for the broad range of services that we can offer. As we are local to the area, we are easy to access when you need us for any foot or lower limb problems. People with circulation problems, following surgery or due to diabetic illness need to be extra careful in the care of their feet as nerve damage and infection can easily take hold. Please get in touch with us and you do not need a GP referral.

At Ultra Foot Podiatry, we utilise the modern evidence based clinical techniques to diagnose and treat foot and lower leg issues. With the care and expertise of Ultra Foot Podiatry you can be confident that our solutions and treatment will be as effective as those from more expensive clinics.

Our podiatrists are at the cutting edge of the research and professional practices in this branch of allied health. Our patient centred care has many happy patients referring us to their friends and family. 

We realise that each individual’s feet are individual and along these lines, require particular care, the care and management that you can expect at Ultra Foot Podiatry.

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