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If you need a podiatrist near Penshurst, we can treat leg and foot problems. We also have a highly experienced chiropractor who has joined our practice to treat Penshurst clients.  you may think about what it is they do. If you’re not sure what chiropractors do, they alleviate pain and restore function for musculoskeletal problems. Sometimes this pain relief comes via realigning the spine via manipulation or remedial massage.

A spine that is not properly function can cause a range of conditions including:

  • Bad Posture
  • Emotional and Physical Stress
  • Muscular Tightness and Tension

If you are searching for a podiatrist or chiropractor near Penshurst, you can be confident that Ultra Foot Podiatry can treat more than just backs and feet due to their extensive qualifications in biomechanics and human anatomy. At Ultra Foot Podiatry, we help patients with a wide scope of issues including myofascial pain, cervicogenic headaches, sciatica and orthotic problems, just as spinal issues, for example, herniated circles, degenerative plates, spinal osteoarthritis or spondylolysis.

Here at the Ultra Foot Podiatry, we serve the entire area of Penshurst by and we support holistic treatment options focusing on restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself once barriers to this process are identified and removed. We help individuals who genuinely value their wellbeing and we can assist them to understand the steps they can take to maintain long term function and performance of their joints and muscles, throughout the different stages of their life and improve their health overall.

The normal side effects of frequent chiropractic treatment include a reduction in back pain, better health, improved energy, and fewer headaches. Through a cycle of postural exams, re-assessments, X-rays and other diagnostic assessments, we will implement a treatment plan to remedy and monitor your ongoing improvement.

You will save money with us:

  • You will save money at Ultra Foot Podiatry.
  • We don’t charge new patient consultation fees.
  • We provide you with an affordable option: you only pay for healing.
  • Your initial two visits are complimentary, unlike some other hospitals that charge hundreds of dollars.

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