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Your search for a podiatrist in Kingsgrove ends with Ultra Foot Podiatry. We are the leaders in this industry. We use the latest techniques and modern technology to help you combat and prevent discomfort and pain in legs/knees/backs etc. We strive to always offer the best services to clients while maintaining reasonable fees. We offer comprehensive client treatments while reducing your discomfort. If you want diagnosis and treatment from a reputable Kingsgrove podiatrist, you can trust that we will provide optimum care and comfort to our patients.  

At Ultra Foot Podiatric, your feet matter to us the most. We take efforts to understand your pain and agony. We will study every detail of your case and then provide a customised plan of action You will be pleasantly surprised at our genuine level of care and concern that we show all our patients.  

Some of the services offered by us include:

  1. BioMechanics evaluations
  2. Orthotics
  3. Chiropractic treatment
  4. Dry needling
  5. Skin and nail care and much more.

Our tranquil treatment rooms are sure to provide you ultimate comfort and help you to overcome your pain. We create a very healing and soothing environment at our clinic. Our attention to detail and professional staff makes us one a popular Kingsgrove podiatrist. Our team of practitioners is highly qualified, and we take the time to explain each and every procedure in detail before commencing the treatment. Our experts are popular for their perfect diagnosis of the root cause and also for providing exceptional treatment.

We are home to a well-regarded Chiropractor in Kingsgrove who has many years’ sound years in spinal and soft tissue treatments, including treating patients across the globe. Our chiropractor treats clients from Kingsgrove and surrounding areas and is in great demand due to their outstanding and effective treatment. Chiropractic treatment is a popular choice for long term relief of pain and returning to full mobility for musculoskeletal injuries and degeneration. You will receive long term relief for your aching bones, muscles and joints.

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